Dad's Perfect Day in Savannah

Dad's Perfect Day in Savannah

The charming Southern city of Savannah, Georgia, offers a wide array of activities perfect for celebrating Father's Day. Here are some ideas for planning the perfect day with Pops in the Hostess City.

Golfing at The Club at Savannah Harbor: For golf-loving dads, book a tee time at The Club at Savannah Harbor.  Treat Dad to a special Father's Day golfing experience, where he'll enjoy stunning views and get to play a challenging course. This beautiful golf course is nestled along the scenic Savannah River (just across from River Street). It's the perfect way to bond and celebrate the day on the greens. Learn more here.  

Enjoy Savannah’s Culinary Scene: Treat Dad to a schmogazbord of dishes from Savannah's local eateries. From Southern comfort food to international flavors, Savannah Taste Experience® Food Tours offers a diverse and memorable culinary experience you can't get anywhere else. Dads will feel like VIPs with tasty drinks, surprising bites, and exclusive flavors along the way. Savannah Taste Experience® Food Tours offers a variety of tours including lunchtime and happy hour tours. 

View of Savannah's historic Cotton Exchange

Explore Savannah's Architecture: If your dad is the kind of guy who gets excited about cool buildings and history, take him on an architecture tour! Savannah's Historic Landmark District features stunning 18th and 19th-century buildings, featuring styles like Georgian, Gothic Revival, and Greek Revival. Architectural Savannah offers a unique and memorable way to appreciate Savannah's rich history and architectural beauty while spending time with Dad.

Take a Port Tour:
 Experience an unforgettable Father's Day with Dad on the Outside Tours Savannah Port Tour. Explore the bustling Savannah port, one of the largest in the U.S., and learn about its vital role in global trade. This engaging tour offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the port's operations, massive container ships, and the historic significance of Savannah's waterfront. It's a fascinating and educational adventure that both you and your dad will cherish.

Charter a Fishing Boat:
Celebrate Father's Day by chartering a fishing boat near Savannah. Spend quality time together on the water, enjoying the thrill of fishing in the region's abundant coastal waters. Whether you're seasoned anglers or beginners, this adventure promises great catches, beautiful scenery, and unforgettable memories with Dad. It's the perfect way to bond and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Savannah Military Museum:
 Treat your history-buff dad to a memorable Father's Day at the Webb Military Museum in Savannah. Explore an extensive collection of military artifacts from the American Civil War to present-day conflicts. The museum's personal stories and rare exhibits offer a captivating look into military history, making it a perfect destination for a day of discovery and bonding with Dad.

Spend the Day at the Beach:
Celebrate Father's Day on Tybee Island, soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves. Just a short 25-minute drive from Savannah, Tybee Island offers sandy shores, clear waters, and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for swimming, fishing, or simply lounging by the sea. It's the ideal spot for a fun, laid-back day together, creating cherished memories under the sun.

End the Day with a Ghost Tour:
If Dad enjoys a bit of the supernatural or just telling spooky stories around the campfire, he'll love a ghost tour! Savannah is known for its haunted history, and there are numerous ghost tours that explore the spookiest parts of the city. Explore the different ghoulish tours in town to decide whether you want to explore Savannah's haunts by foot, trolley, or HEARSE!

These activities provide a mix of exploration, relaxation, and cultural enrichment, making for a memorable Father’s Day in Savannah!

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