Unveiling Savannah's Treasures: 10 Must-Have Locally-Made Souvenirs

Unveiling Savannah's Treasures: 10 Must-Have Locally-Made Souvenirs

Are you planning a trip to Savannah and eager to take a piece of its charm home with you? Look no further than Savannah Taste Marketplace! Our city is not only rich in history and culture but also a treasure trove of locally-made souvenirs that encapsulate its unique essence. From savory delights to artisanal crafts, here are the top 10 locally-made souvenirs you shouldn't miss out on:


1. Savannah Cheese Straw Co. Cheese Straws
Indulge in the savory delight of Savannah Cheese Straw Co.'s famous cheese straws. Made with love and locally-sourced ingredients, these crispy snacks are the perfect blend of cheesy goodness and Southern charm.

2. Johnny Harris BBQ Sauce
Bring the taste of Savannah's barbecue tradition home with Johnny Harris BBQ Sauce. The Johnny Harris brand has been making BBQ in Savannah for over 100 years. Crafted with a secret blend of spices and flavors, this sauce is sure to add a touch of Southern flair to your meals. You can find their delicious family recipes in the Johnny Harris cookbook too!

3. Hale Tea Co. Tea Boxes and Tins
Experience the art of tea with Hale Tea Co.'s exquisite tea boxes and tins. From classic blends to unique flavors, these locally blended teas are a sensory journey through Savannah's rich tea-drinking culture. 

4. Local Art
Immerse yourself in Savannah's vibrant art scene with locally-made art pieces. Whether it's a painting, sculpture, or handmade craft, you'll find the perfect memento to commemorate your Savannah experience.

5. Tribe + Temple Wearable Art!
Adorn yourself with the funk of Savannah's art scene with Tribe + Temple earrings. Handcrafted with care and inspired by the city's bright personality and natural beauty, these accessories add stylish flare to any outfit!

6. Braswell's Peach Butter
Savor the sweetness of Savannah with Braswell's Peach Butter. Made with ripe Georgia peaches, this jam is a taste of Southern hospitality in a jar. And who doesn't love a sweet souvenir you can enjoy with toast?

7. Savannah Coffee Company Coffee
Start your day the Savannah way with Savannah Coffee Company's artisanal coffee blends. Sourced from the finest beans and roasted to perfection, these coffees capture the essence of Savannah's rich coffee culture.

8. TrueSouth Oyster Shell Ornaments
Bring a piece of Savannah's coastal charm into your home with TrueSouth's Oyster Shell Ornaments. Handcrafted from locally-sourced oyster shells, these ornaments are a unique and beautiful reminder of Savannah's natural beauty.

9. Oliver Bentley's Dog Treats Tin
Don't forget your furry friend! Treat them to Oliver Bentley's Dog Treats Tin, filled with wholesome treats made with love and care. Your pet will thank you for this delicious taste of Savannah.

10. Island Highlander Knits
Stay cozy and stylish with Island Highlander Knits. Hand-knitted locally with soft, luxurious yarns, these knitwear pieces are a perfect souvenir to keep you warm and fashionable long after you've left Savannah's embrace. Find these one-of-a-kind pieces at Savannah Taste Marketplace!

Whether you're a foodie, a fashionista, or an art enthusiast, Savannah offers a treasure trove of locally-made souvenirs to suit every taste. And you can find it all at Savannah Taste Marketplace. So, why wait? Explore these hidden gems on our online store today and take home a piece of Savannah's scrumptious charm!

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