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7th Street Salvage- Holiday Scents

7th Street Salvage- Holiday Scents

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Cozy up with these limited time holiday scents from middle Georgia's favorite candle company, 7th Street Salvage.

Leftover antique wood scraps from various building projects became the raw material for a unique journey culminating in the creation of exquisite, sustainable candles. The Woodshop, where these narratives take form, bears witness to the birth of each handmade lid, meticulously crafted from aged barnwood or upcycled antique flooring.

Recycled glass, imbued with a captivating blue-green hue reminiscent of antique canning jars, shapes the jars that cradle these candles. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these vessels carry a dual purpose—once the candle's glow fades, they transform seamlessly into favored drinking glasses or elegant vases. It's a tale of resourcefulness and craftsmanship to the very end.

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