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Doux South

Doux South

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Doux South is the creation of Atlanta farm-to-table chef Nick Melvin, who has been pickling since his childhood in New Orleans and throughout his professional culinary journey.  Let’s just say, he knows a thing or two about pickles.  Nick’s goal with Doux South was to educate folks about the great Southern tradition of pickling and all the ways that pickles could be used by the chef at home.

Eating our pickles right out of the jar is very acceptable behavior, but there is more to our pickles than that.  Check out our website for some great recipes from Nick and other Atlanta chefs. And when the pickles are gone, and they will go fast, those brines make great vinaigrettes, marinades, and cocktails.

Every product we offer is hand-packed with pride at our Atlanta, GA production kitchen.  We use only natural ingredients and never a preservative.  Compare our ingredients with the other pickles on the market and you’ll find that no one has a cleaner label.

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