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Wild Blueberry Tea Towel

Wild Blueberry Tea Towel

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Introducing our Wild Blueberry Tea Towel – a breath of fresh air for your kitchen! Dive into the serene charm of wild blueberries adorning this delightful towel, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into your home.

Whether you're drying dishes or simply looking to infuse your kitchen with a touch of nature-inspired elegance, the Wild Blueberry Tea Towel is the perfect choice.

Transform your daily routine into a delightful experience with this airy and refreshing addition. Embrace the beauty of simplicity in every wipe and let the wild blueberries bring a touch of the outdoors inside. 🫐🍽️

Made in United States
Care Instructions: Machine wash
Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 1 in (30.5 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm)

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