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Peach Butter - Braswell's - Local Brand

Peach Butter - Braswell's - Local Brand

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Savor the sweetness of locally crafted goodness with Braswell's Peach Butter. This delectable spread embodies the rich flavor of ripe peaches, expertly blended for a taste that captures the essence of the South. Elevate your breakfast or snack routine with the pure, luscious indulgence of Braswell's Peach Butter—a true delight from our local kitchen to your table. 

With one steam kettle and a bushel of local pears, Albert Braswell established Braswell Food Company in 1946. His small batch cooking method and keen attention to detail are practices still employed by Braswell's today. In the past 75 years, Braswell's has enjoyed enormous growth by producing time-tested, award-winning products.

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