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Pumpkin Butter - Braswell's - Local Brand

Pumpkin Butter - Braswell's - Local Brand

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Indulge in the taste of the season with Braswell's Pumpkin Butter – a jar full of autumnal delight. Crafted with care, this velvety spread captures the essence of ripe pumpkins, blended with warm spices for a rich and comforting flavor.

Perfectly paired with toast, pancakes, or stirred into yogurt, it's a versatile treat that brings the cozy warmth of fall to your table. Excite your taste buds with the luscious goodness of Braswell's Pumpkin Butter – a jarful of autumn in every delicious spoonful. 

Ingredients: Pumpkin, cane sugar, light brown sugar, lemon juice concentrate, pectin, natural flavor, salt and spices.

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