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Rosewood Oven Mitt Set

Rosewood Oven Mitt Set

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Introducing our Rosewood Oven Mitt Set — where quality meets elegance in the heart of your kitchen. Impeccably crafted, these oven mitts embody durability and style.

The exquisite floral design adds a touch of whimsy, turning your culinary moments into a happy feast for the eyes. Elevate your kitchen experience with this tasteful union of quality craftsmanship and blooming beauty. Cooking just got a whole lot more chic! 

Elyse Breanne Design was born as a personal creative outlet, evolving from an Etsy shop into a thriving stationery and lifestyle brand. Elyse Breanne Design offers a diverse range of practical goods featuring original art, along with items crafted for coloring, journaling, and painting.

With a firm belief that creativity should be an integral part of everyday experiences, Elyse aims to bring more artistic inspiration into the lives of customers, embodying the notion that art belongs in every day.

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