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Pigeon's Pumpkin Dog Food Topper - Local Brand

Pigeon's Pumpkin Dog Food Topper - Local Brand

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Treat your fur friend to a feast of flavors with Pigeon's Pumpkin Dog Food Topper! This delicious blend adds a dash of goodness to your pup's bowl, featuring real pumpkin as the star ingredient. Packed with vitamins and fiber, it's not just a topper; it's a nutritional boost for your canine companion.

Whether you're looking to entice a picky eater or simply want to add a touch of autumnal delight to mealtime, Pigeon's Pumpkin Dog Food Topper is the perfect canine culinary companion. Because every tail-wagging moment deserves a taste of fall goodness! 🐾🎃🍽️

Wheelie Good Treats was started by a Georgia couple after a decade working in pet sitting and pet care who wanted to branch out and find other ways to continue working with animals.

The couple drew inspiration from their very own dog Pigeon. Pigeon was in a car accident when she was young and was left without use of her back legs. They hope to use Wheelie Good Treats as a way to educate and spread awareness on the viability of disabled pets. 

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