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Knotty Pretzels - 6 Flavors!

Knotty Pretzels - 6 Flavors!

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Knotty Pretzels® creators Sean and Casey grew up as best friends in Atlanta. And in those early days, they had a few simple things in common…a dream to start a small business together someday and a love for making delicious things in the kitchen. So, they set out on a quest to create the ultimate pretzel snack. Of course, they got thirsty along the way, so there was one other common love that guided them as they pursued their destiny together…beer.

With only one magical Knotty Pretzel flavor boxed up in the trunk of their car, Sean and Casey hit the road to evangelize beer festivals and local events across the South with their “Mom Mom’s Original Savory Italian.” And as the word caught on about these addictive flavored pretzels, their growing fan base asked for new flavors that would pair well with different kinds of beer. That started a great adventure that has surpassed their wildest dreams!

With the help of professional culinary experts, Sean and Casey have scientifically unlocked the perfect pretzel and beer flavor profile pairings to delight even the most discerning of palates. In addition to their original recipe, they’ve discovered five more amazing flavors that pair well with beers across the world. Now YOU can pair your favorite beers with the family of Knotty Pretzel flavors!

The Official Pretzel of Beer® has finally found a beloved home in countless local craft beer breweries throughout Atlanta and the Southeast. You can also support our major retail partners such as Whole Foods Market – with other major retail partners on the horizon in the days to come!

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